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End-to-end Financial Assistance for Small & Medium Scale Enterprises

Every vision needs financial resources for transforming into a reality!

As an experienced management advisory firm, we understand the importance of financial resources for the success of a project. At the same time, we understand that acquiring finance at a favorable rate of interest might not be possible for budding projects and SMEs, every time.

Nayan Parikh & Consultants serves as credible business angel advisors for small and medium scale enterprises, real estate firms and companies in acquiring short-term finance. With a deep understanding of the financial domain and network of keen angel venture investors, we help you gather financial resources at an attractive rate of interest.

While your project might not appear lucrative to large business angels and venture capitalists. We consider every project to be a mine of opportunities and every entrepreneur to be a visionary. Hence, we fund your project and fuel your vision through our financial services.

Angel Financial Services by Nayan Parikh & Consultants

We provide short term finance for real estate projects, industrial projects, and other business requirements. Our convenient terms and minimal paperwork ensure minimal hassle for entrepreneurs who are in need of funds for various business needs.

  • Real Estate Project Finance
  • Angel Investments
  • Syndicate Loan for Construction Project
  • Financial Advisory Solutions

Why Choose Nayan Parikh & Consultants?

  • Convenient Process with Minimal Paperwork: We understand that fulfilling documentary obligations might not be your forte. Hence, we check your financial credibility through various factors and disburse loans via a convenient process that involves minimal paperwork. This means fast and easy finance availability, whenever you need it.
  • Expert Team: We are known for our expertise and experience in the field of management consulting and corporate advisory. Our team consists of experienced financial experts who can evaluate your business requirements to help you out with understanding your financial requirements.
  • Complete Financial Assistance: We are way beyond conventional companies that provide financial advisory services. Instead, we serve as a reliable partner that can help you through our advice and assistance. We believe in every entrepreneur and the power of his/her dreams. Hence, instead of just providing them with the funds, we provide complete financial assistance that promises the success of a project.

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