Infrastructure Project Structuring

Expert Project Structuring Advisory Solutions for Transforming the Fortune of Infrastructural Projects

Nayan Parikh & Consultants have enormous experience in the field of construction finance, project structuring, and project management. Our expert team can provide turnkey project structuring solution for challenging and large-scale infrastructural projects with ease and efficiency.

We can help private companies, public agencies and the government in finding investors for real estate projects, drafting concession projects, bid process management, etc. In the past, we have served as an instrumental cog in the development of several PPP projects, public infrastructure and private real-estate projects in several Indian states.

Our deft and focused team can help you with acquiring construction finance, commercial real estate loans, investment construction loans and raising capital for real estate deals. No matter how small or large the project is, we at Nayan Parikh provide complete assistance to turn the fortunes and make every infrastructural and real estate project a huge success.

Turnkey Project Structuring Solutions

At Nayan Parikh & Consultants, we are committed to leading the project structuring efforts. From helping you meet documentary compliances to project structuring for PPP projects, we can handle all issues and promise smoother execution.

  • Projects Structuring for Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Concession Agreement
  • Bid Process Management
  • Expert Project Finance Services

Why Choose Nayan Parikh & Consultants?

  • Experienced Team: Our project structuring solutions have helped many projects in transforming from paper to on-ground reality. With a rich experience of structuring several kinds of projects in both private and public domains, our team can promise the best results, right from day one.
  • Domain-Independent Structuring Solutions: Instead of providing industry-specific structuring solutions, we provide project assistance and advisory for real estate, manufacturing, textiles, finance, information technology, construction and other kinds of projects.
  • Turnkey Support & Assistance: Our work doesn’t end at providing advisory. We believe in shouldering complete responsibility to help you succeed in your endeavor. Hence, we provide fulfilling advisory services, complete support, and assistance associated with every stage of your project.

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