Project Management Consulting

End-to-end Project Management Consulting Solutions

While starting from scratch, the challenges are intense & the possibilities, limitless!

We help you dodge the intense challenges associated with starting up a business project by providing end-to-end advisory and project management consulting solutions. With a team of enterprising project management experts, we empower entrepreneurs with detailed project feasibility studies to help you explore the hidden possibilities while reducing the risks.

Our structured project management consulting solutions help entrepreneurs in turning an abstract idea into a concrete project. Using our deep industry insights, we help entrepreneurs in mitigating risks and become more efficient in, corporate resource management.

Our experts conduct a detailed project feasibility study along with a financial feasibility study to help you get an idea of the profitability scope of a particular project and understand the risks involved. Closely linking a project to the promotor’s profile, we also help in the identification of lucrative business opportunities.

Turnkey Project Management Consulting Solutions

  • Project Identification based on Promotor’s Profile
  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Detailed Project Report (DPR) Development
  • Corporate Resource Management
  • Business Process Management

Why Choose Nayan Parikh & Consultants?

  • Expert Team of Project Management Consultants: Nayan Parikh & Consultants boast of having a diligent team of expert project management consultants that can draft detailed project reports, conduct a feasibility analysis and broadening the scope of project management through excellence.
  • Multi-faceted Consulting Solutions: Our project management consulting solutions are not limited to a particular industry or business domain. Instead, we can offer consultancy services for a vast range of segments including real estate industrial/residential/commercial projects, information technology, etc.
  • Turnkey Project Management Support: Our astute consultants can spearhead consulting operations, from beginning till the end. That means we do not just believe in leaving you high and dry post-consultation but can also provide actionable strategies including plans for business process management and corporate resource management to move ahead with your project.

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