Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory Solutions for Corporate Game-changers

Whatever your corporate vision, our advisory solutions can support your endeavors!

With a team of highly-experienced business advisors, Nayan Parikh & Consultants can spearhead growth efforts of an organization at any stage – right from conceptualization to the zenith. We can help you develop thoughtful growth strategies based on your abstract goals and ideas.

Based on a deep analysis of your existing corporate structure, we can facilitate enterprise change and risk management, perform an assessment of risks through our business advisory services. From something specific such as realigning your operations to a fresh corporate vision to a vague concept, we can handle every requirement with absolute finesse.

Our management consulting experts have deep subject matter expertise and can draft and strategize a detailed action plan to devise corporate visions, manage change and risk, modernize operations, and turnaround your organization’s future. We believe in moving a step ahead from the outlined call of duty to help you make tough decisions, be prepared for change and risk management by helping you implement key strategies to improve the bottom line.

Tactical Corporate Advisory Services

As your growth partners, our business advisors enrich your organization with deep insights and present solution to mitigate risk and drive organizational growth. Our strategic advisory services and management consulting service encompasses the following core elements:

  • Corporate Vision Ideation & Implementation
  • Strategic Action Plans to Achieve Corporate Vision
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Management Advisory & MIS Optimization

Why Choose Nayan Parikh & Consultants?

  • Enterprising Team of Experienced Advisory Experts: We enjoy a dominating authority when it comes to management consulting and corporate advisory services. Our team consists of learned management experts who have wise insights into strategic planning and corporate advisory, promising you deep assessment and oriented management plan.
  • Domain-Independent Corporate Advisory Services: Having consulted SMEs, government associations and public-private projects, we have gathered vast experience that is not limited to just one industry or two. Instead, our team is equipped with domain-specific specialists who are capable of consulting brands and businesses across real estate, manufacturing, textiles, finance, information technology, construction, and other industry segments.
  • Turnkey Support from Planning to Execution: We are not just an organization of words but of concrete action. Instead of just providing strategic advisory services, we believe in providing end-to-end support to help you execute every plan that we have devised. This makes your organization better equipped for risk assessment and change management.

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