Vision, Mission & Values

Thought Provoking & Futuristic Mission & Vision to Drive our Organization


Nayan Parikh & Consultants envisions creating a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing expert
guidance, financial support, and management consultancy to visionary entrepreneurs. Through its
services, Nayan Parikh & Consultants wishes to blow air of holistic, self-sustainable and progressive
development of the country.


Through insightful consulting, strategic advisory and expert support, Nayan Parikh & Consultants aims at
empowering small-scale enterprises and the business community to take up challenging projects and
succeed in their endeavors, making India a global entrepreneurial super power.

Core Values

  • Honesty: We believe in being completely honest with our clients. This means we never show
    false projections and hopes when the project is not feasible for further development.
  • Core-competency: We believe in achieving excellence by keeping an eye on industry trends and
    latest developments, giving our experts, the competency edge.
  • Integrity: We are true to our word and honor our commitments, as they were promised at the
    start of a project.
  • Transparency: We are completely transparent in our operations and believe in giving a holistic
    view of a situation, without the pleasantries or confusing jargon.

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