Gandhinagar Infocity Limited, Creative Choice Inc., Project Cost: INR 110 crores

Gopi Krishna Sagar Irrigation Project on BOT Basis
September 6, 2018
Gujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN) on BOT Basis
September 6, 2018

To promote the IT industry in the Gujarat Region, Government of Gujarat under the flagship corporation Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board has set up a new company – Gujarat informatics Limited with an objective to set up the state of the art technology park in the city of Gandhinagar. The project consisted of two info towers, state-of-the-art digital architecture, roads, electricity backup system and proposed earth station for uninterrupted data transmission. All this was offered on the concession period and for this purpose Creative choice Inc., a US based company was selected to carry out the work.
NPC’s Role : As Financial and BOT Expert was responsible for all the project related aspects including handling all matters and issues regarding Infocity in Gujarat/India on behalf of Creative Choice Inc. Responsibilities included preparation in detail all the legal issues of Infocity, setting up the Info tower, its marketing, selling of the Info tower and master planning of the entire project.